Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Stephanie to perform at MCPL

“The Search for the Time and a Place to Paint”

As 2007 marks Brown County's celebration of 100 years as an art colony, enjoy this storytelling event that features three women artists. Storyteller Stephanie Holman weaves art and story into a memoir of Ada Walter Shulz, Alberta Rehm Shulz and Marie Goth. Through talent and perseverance, these women found the time to pursue their professions in beautiful “Peaceful Valley.” Their stories explore how their art and lives intersected in remarkable and sometimes scandalous ways. This program was developed in partnership with the Indiana Historical Society and Storytelling Arts of Indiana.

Monroe County Public Library, Auditorium, Thursday, November 1, 7;00-7:45pm
Call 812-349-3228 to register or register online at www.mcpl.info


Pamela said...

I couldn't find this on the MCPL calendar - maybe I'm too late? Too dumb to figure out what day the program is? Sorry! - Pamela

Bloomington Storytellers Guild said...

Hi Pamela,
It's hidden in the small print : Thursday, November 1st - Hope to see you there.