Saturday, October 25, 2008

Festival of Ghost Stories

The weather was perfect for the Festival of Ghost Stories this year. This has been a rare occurrence in the past 30 plus years of the Festival.
The setting sun gilded the tellers as they checked on sound levels.
Mary prepared to gross people out with "Dottie Got Her Liver."
Lisa's chant of "Hobyah! Hobyah!" sounded truely menacing. As the sun left the stage, the audience settled in for an evening of missing body parts, monsters, lost loves, mysterious spirits, treacherous waters, and a fey changeling. They shivered, they started, and they felt by turns melancholy and horrified. Then they all wandered home in the suitably spooky darkness.
Our thanks to the tellers, to the musician and to the MC, to the folks from Parks and Rec, and to the cop who stopped the noisy parade of pickups.

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