Thursday, September 17, 2009

Twice -told, storytelling with a translator

"Art Across the Americas" brought a group of young artists from Guatemala together with kids from Bloomington to work on a mural along the B-Line Trail. When the painting was done, they celebrated with a picnic - and storytelling. Sitting on the lawn beside a small pond, the stories were told with a background of water splashing and birds chirping.
It was interesting working with a translator - figuring out when to pause and how to keep a story flowing with such frequent breaks. The audience reaction was interesting too - first the English speaking half would respond, then after the translation, the Spanish speaking half would join in. The translator had not heard the story before, so there were times when she had to grope for an unfamiliar word. The audience was forgiving and enjoyed the novelty of the experience, as did we.

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