Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Festival of Ghost Stories

As the leaves flew off the trees on the last Friday in October, storytellers and audience gathered in Bryan Park for the annual Festival of Ghost Stories.

Temperatures dropped rapidly as night fell, but the audience was enthusiastic for chilling stories.

We heard from some new voices this year and some new stories from familiar tellers.

Cats (Community Access Television) of the Monroe County Public Library did film the event and as I understand it you can call and request a copy of the program (349-3111).

It was quickly too dark to take many pictures of the tellers, and the audience were just shadows huddled on the hillside.

You'll find a review at Thanks, Jessica Williams, for taking the time to write about us!

And many thanks to this year's coordinator, Stephanie!

Hope to see all of you next year for another evening of spooky and supernatural tales!

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