Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"...somehow it works."

    "Let me explain something.  In some ways, nothing can be more preposterous than telling stories.  You think up some odd little ideas.  You make some noises with your tongue and mouth. You share your dreams and ideas with other people -- your listeners.  Everything I've told you about Jack Storyteller is true, yet the truth doesn't make his story any less preposterous.  The same for any other story.  Yet somehow it works.  The dreams spread from your mind to theirs.  The sounds you make, the stories you tell, release the dreams into the world."

     "One last thing.
What matters most is that you live your own story to the fullest and that you tell it well.  Make sure you fully develop your main character.  Fill the tales with lots of other characters -- men, women, children, even animals --who tell their own stories.  Make your listeners laugh or cry...or even sneeze.  Have lots of twists and turns in the plot, but not too many, before you reach your final resolution.  Then, when the day is done, you can feel confident that your characters have been fulfilled, your craft mastered, your story well told."

by Edward Myers

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