Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Picnic and Planning Meeting

 It was a lovely evening in Upper Cascades Park

when the Guild gathered for a planning session

and picnic.
 There were plentiful plates full of good food -  healthy salad,

fruits and veggies --

and one must mention the pie

and the still warm brownies

that accompanied the also plentiful conversation.
We had lots to discuss: the upcoming Festival of Ghost Stories on  Oct. 25, with the auditions on Oct. 4th; some exciting ideas for promotional activities; a weekend of storytelling that will include both Wintertelling and a workshop in February  -- you will be hearing more about all this. 

We welcomed a new member

and missed those of you who could not join us.

It was a fine beginning

to what promises to be a very good Storytelling season!

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