Sunday, January 18, 2015

Wintertelling 2015

In cultures around the world, the long dark nights of the Winter season have been a traditional time for storytelling.  In fact, some stories in Native American traditions may only be told in Winter. And in keeping with these traditions, the storytellers of the BSG have gathered to tell stories every winter for the last twenty years.  We call our gathering "Wintertelling" and plan for early February when everyone is tired of cold and ready for some warm tales --some humorous, some serious, some familiar, some brand-new, all designed to entertain.  

This year the Wintertelling will fall on a Friday the 13th.  Shall we tell tales of luck and the capriciousness of fate?  It is Valentine's eve --shall we tell tales of love and lust?   In the cold of the season shall we tell appropriately frosty fables or switch to stories of sunshine?   You might hear any of these this year.  Come enjoy the evening with us:

Wintertelling 2015
Friday, Feb. 13
7:30 --9:00 pm
Monroe County (IN) Public Library

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