Saturday, October 27, 2007

32nd Annual Festival of Ghost Stories

While Dana prepared to introduce our nine performers, many non-ghost stories were being shared backstage.

You'll be able to see some of the performance on BCAT, and to hear snipets on WFHB. We all enjoyed listening to each other's stories, and seeing how each had developed since our audition.

Patty started the evening out with a story of gruesome graveyard rats, but she ended it with lovely homemade gingerbread and macaroons for all the tellers.

And over the delicious pumpkin ice cream and warm Hallo-wine, we talked over the evening's stories.

What will we remember about this year's Festival?

Maybe the "pink fuzzy boots"? Maybe the eerie true WWII tale? Maybe it will be Lisa's shriek or Christina's growling dog? Perhaps we'll remember that Godfather Death left Josh with an empty hand? Maybe we'll always talk about the time Hope drove all the way around Indy twice to get to Blooomingon (and then walked in one minute before she went on stage - what a trooper!) or maybe it will just be the "alternative ending".

We hope our audience left with some good memories as well.

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