Monday, October 7, 2013

National Storytelling Festival

Dana was one of the lucky folks who made it to the National Storytelling Festival this year. She sent this report back to us:

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Thursday.  On the road near the Appalachian mountains. It's still a 7 1/2/ hour trip...we're almost to Jonesborough.

How many remember these at a past Storytelling Festival: Doc McConnel's tall tales (Vienna sausages or the snakebit hoe handle) and checking in at the Christopher House on Main Street in Jonesborough?

A few of the Festival's 500 volunteer workers waiting for the crowd to arrive for Tim O'Brien's Thursday pre-festival concert.  
Best quote of the night:  "There are only 2 stories:  Someone goes on a journey, someone new comes to town."

Friday.  10 am.  The 41st National Storytelling Festival begins...after we wait for the train to pass 5 feet behind the Courthouse Tent.  Bring back memories for some of you?     Now it's 2:30.  So far, Bill Lepp, Donald Davis, Tim Lowry, Rev, Robert Jones, Geraldine Buckley...waiting to hear Ed Stivender!

Sheila Kay Adams.  One of my absolute favorite - an amazing storyteller who has also collected mountain ballads her entire life.  
Other tellers new to me that I'm enjoying:  Antonio Rocha, Tim Lowry,  Rev. Robert Jones, and David Novak.  
Saw Ellen Munds yesterday - hope she invites a few of my favorites to Indy soon.  Also ran into Bev Martin and met a lot of friendly storytelling fans from far and near.  Farthest - New Zealand.  

Thanks, Dana!  If you want to know more about the National Festival, visit :

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