Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The annual Festival of Ghost Stories is a concert of seasonal stories on the Friday before Halloween.

What does that mean?

It means many different tellers, many different voices, and a variety of tales and tale types.

It means that the coordinator of the event has to put together a script in which each individual story fits together to make one entertaining evening for the listeners.

It means we can't all tell the same sort of "ghost story".

Fortunately there are lots and lots of types of appropriate stories:
the traditional "jump" story;
the scary urban legend;
the "true event that happened to ME "(or my friend);
the mysterious happening that makes you shiver and wonder;
the encounter with deathly danger;
the gross-out yucky detailed bloody tale;
the suspense hold-your-breath until the end story;
the warning about creatures to fear story;
the violent death resulting in haunting story;
the explaining why people fear something legend;
the making fun of ghost stories story....
and of course, many more.

We will think about the relationship of one story to another as we put together the script for the Festival.
For example, a really intense story might be followed by a lighter one,  a serious and thoughtful story by an active and lively one.
And certain types of story (like the sudden-scream-make-you-jump type) may be limited to one example only.

What sort of story are you preparing for this concert?

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