Sunday, September 7, 2014

Who's telling at the Festival of Ghost Stories?

When you see an event that features "The Bloomington Storytellers Guild", it means that the performers are either members of this group or specially invited guests.
Members of the Guild pay dues to be part of the active tellers group.
So if you are thinking that it would be fun to tell at the Festival of Ghost Stories (and it would be fun!)  make contact with us before the auditions on
Wednesday, October 15,
6-9 pm
Monroe County Public Library, room 2-B
You will need to present your story at this audition session.
You can bring your dues to the auditions.
About those auditions:
this is a "preview" session that serves several purposes, including giving you feedback on your presentation.
If you have not told as a Guild member before, you should come prepared to tell your entire story.
If you are a frequent teller, be prepared to share the beginning or a segment or an outline of the story.

Everyone should try to get information about the title and general content of a story that is being considered to the Event Coordinator well before putting a lot of time into learning and polishing it.  This allows the coordinator to keep us from duplicating stories or from having too many of the same style of story, and you won't have the disappointment of having picked a story that doesn't fit the event.

The Event Coordinator will consider all stories in view of the overall concert, and may accept or reject stories depending on the needs of the script.

More on story selection coming...

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